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Swimwear Campaign for Sand Gaze

Fashion Campaign for SandGaze Swimwear, Gold Coast, Australia.

Model: Emily West | @__emilywest

Model Agency: Glass Management | @glass_management |

Brand: SandGaze | @sandgaze |

This was such a fun shoot, I really love working with local Gold Coast fashion brands! We shot at sunset at Greenmount Beach. We had planned to have a lot of sunshine in these photos but the weather was not on our side with a lot of cloud forecast. Luckily a little sun peeked through towards the end of the shoot!

As you can see from these behind the scenes shots, this photo shoot was filled with lots of laughs!

I shot this swimwear campaign on my Nikon d850 and it was the first time I used my Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens - it was perfect for this shoot and created exactly the images we wanted.

Make sure you check out SandGaze for full coverage Australian designed swimwear because #yourdaddoesntneedtoseethat!

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