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Swimwear Campaign for Lexa Swim, shot in Bali

This is one of my favourite swimwear campaigns to date! Lexa Swim, shot in Padang Padang, Bali with my muse Melanie Palummo.

We shot at sunrise on an almost empty beach. Padang Padang beach is absolutely beautiful and a dream photoshoot location. Padang Padang Beach gives you such a great variety of backdrops, including some really dramatic dark rocks, beautiful crystal clear water and some tropical greenery. Absolute perfection!

We shot for LA swimwear brand Lexa Swim, a luxe, sustainable swimwear brand. You can read more about their sustainability efforts here. I love working for independent brands with sustainability at their core, so this was a dream! Not to mention the pieces were to die for - check out the pink Parc full piece!

This shoot was shot entirely in natural light, and with the sun rising and disappearing behind clouds and rocks, I had to react constantly to the changing conditions. I used my 24-70mm lens and my trusty Nikon D850.

The best part about working with such beautiful pieces was being able to capture the details. I love some of these images showcasing the thoughtful details of each swimwear piece.

The one challenge about shooting in Bali is the monkeys who like to get into your equipment and backpacks! Luckily we befriended a couple of super cute Bali doggos who came to our rescue and chased them off!

Let me know what you think of the shoot!

Model: Melanie Palummo |

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